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Success Story


Mr. Ibrahim Hamed Hammad Al Muhammady
Assistant Manager Government Affairs and Administrative Services
Human Resources Department

In 2012 Mr. Ibrahim joined AJIL as a Government Affairs Representative in the Human Resources Department. From day one, Mr. Ibrahim showed an exceptional and positive attitude towards work and was able to excel accordingly. He has always been self-motivated and willing to learn and take on more tasks in his role at AJIL.

In line with AJIL’s employee development plan, Mr. Ibrahim was supported and encouraged to obtain a bachelor’s degree during 2016. As a result of his hard work, Mr. Ibrahim was promoted in 2019 to Assistant Manager Government Affairs and Administrative Services. As part of his commitment to further enhancing his capabilities in the field, he also obtained a specialized bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management in 2020.

We are confident that Mr. Ibrahim will continue to grow and contribute to AJIL’s success.